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The Sun and the Daily Star get the idea.

I ordered my lunch in the cafe today and looked round for a paper to read. The waitress gave me the Daily Star. Not quite my cup of tea, but never mind. Until I read Page 1 which contained an article about the hurt and outrage of relatives of some, at least, of the people killed and maimed on 7 July last year that Azzam Tamimi, who once said he might be prepared carry out a suicide attack himself, is to be one of the first speakers at Islam Expo when it opens on Thursday.

Unfortunately the Daily Star does not give an on-line version of this report. The Sun does but in less detail.

The Sun reports:- A MUSLIM scholar who backs suicide bombers as “martyrs” will speak in London on the eve of a tribute to 7/7 victims.
Palestinian Azzam Tamimi, 51 — who once said he might be prepared carry out a suicide attack in Israel himself — addresses the Islam Expo rally on Thursday.
John Falding, whose partner Anat Rosenberg was a victim, said: “Given what he has said in the past, it is upsetting.”
But yesterday Dr Tamimi insisted: “I have always made a distinction between the right of the Palestinian people to fight the Israeli occupation and the terrorist attacks on London.”

Mr Falding is much more scathing in the Daily Star, saying that even at this short notice Dr Tamimi should be cancelled, and that while he does not have a problem with the innocuous (his words) attractions at the event, these should have been scheduled for later in the year. He is the only family member named but I got the impression that he was not alone in his disquiet.
These are the first references I have found in the National Press on the subject.

The Evening Standard, to its credit, ran a headline on Monday 3rd:


Muslim who backs suicide bombs to speak in London 24 hours before the first anniversary"

plus a two-page spread on pages 6 & 7

Thank you Anton,
I can't find that on-line on their "This is London" site so I am obliged to you for the information.
That's three articles condemning it, or more specifically, that particular aspect of the event.

What I have managed to find is this article from the Gruniad on Monday, which claims that the event has been in the planning for 3 years(!), that the venue was booked early last year and that the date could not be changed.
I find it hard to believe that Alexandra Palace would not have looked favourably upon a request for rescheduling after a mass murder of 52 people.
But by publishing this feeble excuse even the Guardian has to admit the poor taste (to put it mildly) of the celebration.

No, strange that. I bought the paper at lunchtime then looked up the online edition on return from work. There was no mention of the story.

i dont think all of islam had a part to play in the bombings, but i do agree that the timing of the expo is bad and ally pally should have changed the date. But should add that this guy you mention has made a distinction between attacking isreali occupation and out and out terrorism, and whilst i cant condone any aggression we dont know what it is like to live under such repressive circumstances.

In response to a commenter on another thread who also claimed that this Expo had been planned for years I asked why then had the MAB website only started talking about this fest in January this year at
and if there was any independent proof of this assertion reported (let's charitably assume) in good faith by the Grauniad.

There has been no response to date. I fear the Grauniad's report may just be disinformation.

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