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A new contribution.

Over the past year, as the general public's awareness of Islam has increased, so have feelings of unease. They have been told that Islam is a religion of peace, but the eyes and ears are tell a different story, discomfort is growing and people are starting to question the situation and make their views known. There is an over-drive to try to deflect this growing concern. Let's start with a religious edict by Muslim Scholars in Birmingham, which says something like this:

“We, therefore, issue this religious edict and state for all concerned that killing of innocent civilians is absolutely forbidden in Islam and anyone who contemplates or commits any such act, does so against the teachings of Islam.”
Please note that they have not defined innocents in anyway and unless they do this statement is totally and utterly worthless and is deliberately meant to mislead those Westerners who read it. Most Western people will take innocents to mean people who are not involved in the fighting, women or children, civilians, but for Islam it really means those that are not causing corruption in the earth, and that means that only devout Muslims can be classed as innocent.
Now we have this Expo a year to the day that Classic followers of Islam carried out yet another of their atrocities against those who are spreading corruption on this earth (in other words not accepting Islam). Its goal is the same as those Birmingham imams, it is to keep the British public off their guard. Please if you have any desire to keep those freedoms, reject these lies and learn what Islam really means.
Here follows an extract from a detailed essay by Archi Medes;

Those who wage war against Allah/Mohammad and/or cause corruption in the earth will be killed, or crucified, or significantly dismembered (to the point of being permanently disabled), or banished (or imprisoned). (The severity of the penalty would depend on the judged severity of the transgression against Islam). In addition, they will be punished in hell (5:33). Allah punishes those who "make mischief in the earth," subjecting them to a "painful doom" (2:10; 2:11-14).

Corruption in the land, or corruption/mischief on earth, is a huge category of offenses, violent or non-violent, that significantly go against Islam. Google "corruption on earth" + "death penalty" to get an idea of the range of offenses considered to fit that category today in some strict Islamic countries. These crimes vary widely, including, for a few examples, criticizing or calling for changes in Islamic traditions; practicing "sorcery"; engaging in "charlatanism"; sex between a non-Muslim man and a Muslim woman; highway robbery; destruction of buildings; and terrorism against Muslims.

War against God, mentioned in 5:33 (below), is also the same kind of huge, flexible category that could include a wide variety of offenses significantly against Islamic doctrine or Islamic society. Aqa Mahdi Puya comments: "Waging war against Allah and His prophet means hostility against His chosen representatives; or deviation from His laws by overstepping the boundaries laid down by Him; or letting loose a reign of terror to persecute and frighten innocent people in order to deprive them of their rights; or attempts to undermine the cause of Islam and the overall interests of the Muslims; or activities to enslave, exploit and destroy human beings." Source: http://al-islam.org/quran/. There are a couple of potentially misleading statements in Puya's commentary. First, the Koran does call, in jihad, for terrorizing the disbelievers (8:60, 9:5), but never calls for terrorizing believers. Puya's comments about "innocent people" could refer to Muslims, but the Koran does not consider the non-Muslims to be innocent - far from it (see below). Second, the Koran permits Muslims to have slaves (4:3, 4:36, 23:6, 24:58, 30:28, 33:50). Otherwise, Puya's commentary is consistent with other accounts. According to Ibn Kathir, disbelief is included in the category of crimes labeled 'war against God;' see http://tafsir.com/default.asp?sid=5&tid=13751. What 'corruption on earth' and 'war against God' have in common is that each is a huge category encompassing a variety of violent and non-violent words and actions considered offenses in Islam. The significant overlap between the two categories involves opposition to Islam, including non-violent opposition.

Once you understand the above you will realise that this Expo and those Birmingham scholars are basically hiding the truth to further Islam. As far as Islam is concerned, a disbeliever is the biggest criminal of all and not an innocent in any way shape or form.

FGuiness I'm sure all this material will be debated honestly and openly at this IslamExposed event.

Come on now, with Yvonne Ridley and Taqiyah Ramadan, what more could you hope for?

'what more could you hope for?'

How about Azzam Tamimi?

On the agenda at Expo: 'Palestine 58 Years After the Nakbah'


John Rose, Daud Abdullah, Azzam Tamimi, Abdelwahhab El-Messiri

Tamimi with the BBC’s Tim Sebastian. (The subject is whether Tamimi would be willing to be a suicide bomber in Israel):

Sebastian: No—please come back to my question. Please come back to my question. Why if it is so glorious and honourable to do this, why don’t you do it?

Tamimi: I would do it …

Sebastian: When?

Tamimi: If I have the opportunity I would do it …

Sebastian: When are you going to do it?

Tamimi: When? If I can go to Palestine and sacrifice myself I would do it. Why not?

I see another anti-Muslim circle jerk has started.

In the UK, it is now widely recognised that islam is a backward ideology based on the teachings of a homicidal paedophile.

I checked the expo website (http://islamexpo.info/index.php) and the dates of this taqiyyafest seem to have been deliberately chosen to fall on the anniversary of Islam's great victory in Londonistan. Isn't there something in the koran about humiliating the Kaffir? Making them feel subdued?

The significance of the date is obvious from the reference to the 2012 Olympics. What have the Olympics to do with Islam? Well nothing, apart from the fact that the choice of London for the venue was announced on 7/7. This is obviously intended to remind the Kaffirs of the glorious martyrdom operation of the Fab Four.

So there it is - a heap of stinking, steaming taqiyya which is obviously a calculated in-yer-face insult to all those killed on 7/7 and to the non-Muslim people of Britain in general (whether Christian, secular, Hindu, Sikh or whatever).

And as for the non-Muslim appeasers, moonbats, dhimmis and Quislings lining up to kiss Mohammed's ass, there was a time that they would have been taken to Tyburn and hanged, drawn and quartered in front of a baying mob. But of course only Muslims do that sort of thing nowadays (and make videos of it).

I wonder if the Islamic arts exhibition includes jihad snuff videos?

religion of Pieces asked "What have the Olympics to do with Islam?"

Its even worse than you mentioned. The most prominent on the program of speakers and seminars is "The London Olympics: A Triumph For Multiculturalism -
Tessa Jowell, Ken Livingstone, Sebastian Coe"

Triumph for Multiculturalism my Aunt Fanny!

"I see another anti-Muslim circle jerk has started.

Posted by Quelle Surprise | 4:36 PM"

Well at least you didn't say...RACIST, but yes, it is Ant-Islam.
Maybe you would like to dispute some of the claims made here?


Thanks for your work on this important issue.

Thanks also for posting material from my essay on verse 5:32. Islam-Watch, a site run by Muslim apostates which is critical of Islam, has posted a more recent and more detailed version of that essay here. This shows that verse 5:32 licences the killing of non-Muslims under a wide range of conditions. The essay also goes into more detail about the meaning of the term "corruption/mischief" (fasad).

In another essay at Islam-Watch I have tackled the so-called "no compulsion in religion" verse (2:256) here

I have deliberately exposed these two verses, 2:256 and 5:32, because they are quoted so often by Muslim apologists who are either naive about Islam or who are attempting to deceive the public. I expect those verses will be displayed and quoted superficially at the Islam Expo.

You can find notes and quotes (from Koran and Sunnah) on the Ultimate Goal of Islam here and on the issue of Suicide Attacks here


Quelle Surprise said..."I see another anti-Muslim circle jerk has started." 4:36 PM

Not at all a surprise that some people (like "Quelle Surprise") would conflate criticism of an ideology with ad hominem attacks against those who at least nominally identify themselves with that ideology. ("Quell Surprise" is either ignorant of the Islamic texts, or is attempting to deceive the public, or else is some kind of moral relativist who thinks Islam should not be criticized).

Actually, criticism of Islam, done properly, is pro-Muslim. After all, when we (i.e., the vast majority of critics) criticize Islam's human rights violations (e.g., policies with regard to treatment of apostates, critics/blasphemers/dissidents, adulterers, gays and lesbians, slaves, and women) this is with the intention that life will be improved for all people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


Kab bin Ashraf, thanks for that link.

Great one, it's in, thanks!

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